Saturday, June 30, 2007

Molyneux on Emotions in games

Watch the video below to hear Molyneux talking about emotions in games:

Maybe I'm being too critical, and that's the sort of feature you can only evaluate by playing the game, but isn't the dog thing less impressive than what you expect from an interview like that? What do you think?

(via New Scientist Tech Blog, thanks to Hugh)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Apply Serious Games conference 2007

Got this by mail:

"Do attend the UK’s leading serious games conference Apply Serious Games and dedicated AI Innovations conference, all running 28th June in London. Focus is on virtual worlds, web 2.0 and brands.

Attendance at any of the conferences allows free access to the very first open consultation of ‘Games for the London Olympic Games’ - a lunch-time session as part of the conference where you can express your views on how serious games and games should be used to support the London Olympics, hosted by South East Media Network (SEMN). Whilst the first academic serious games network is also launched at this event."

If I were there, I would like to attend to:
"Peter Molyneux of Lionhead (Fable, Black & White) show-casing emotion and realism in games"

I wonder what is meant by "realism" here. Believable NPCs, maybe? Could he be talking about his project nicknamed Dimitri?

The website for the conference is:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Flora reviewed on

Zach Whalen was very kind to write a short review on Flora. Here is a passage I really like:

"Similarly, I've found that playing Flora affords the most pleasure by striking a balance between the generative chaos of frenetic play and the order of strategic play. Maybe we could call that a balance between ludus and paidea, but I like the gardening metaphor because of its spatial connotation. From a design point of view, Chico has done a nice job of making that balance available by creating tools and actionability in ways that encourage balance, but because this is a nongame, the player is the one who ultimately gives structure to her play."

Read the whole article.
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