Tuesday, April 17, 2007

More DS non-games, new blog around

As reported by ComputerAndVideogames.com, there is a new batch of DS nongame software approaching. The list includes (not sure about the titles) DS Yoga Lessons You Can Start Today, Why Not Listen To Classical Music On DS and (ouch!) Flower-Blooming DS Gardening Lite. A series of travel guides for the handheld is also planned.

Personally, I think this kind of software explains why the DS user base is so broad - and why it could een expand a little bit more.

Although I can see how they could fit some game-ish look and feel to Yoga and Gardening, I´m curious about the music listening one. Some kind of "Wii Maestro" mode?

(via comment by Kevin (also check out his new blog))

Monday, April 09, 2007

"Bang goes another year...

...In and out of one ear."

Two days ago nongames.com turned into a two year-old blog. Instead of a retrospective, let me just punctuate this moment with some random comments:

a) My new day job is, so far, unrelated to games or interactivity. Is this affecting my posts in quantity and quality? Possibly. This same job could deal with simulation and serious/persuasive games in the future. My fingers are crossed.

b) On the other hand, I keep freelancing, making quick, simple webgames. I guess I need, apart from financial compensation, some contact with games and game design.

c) I feel I cannot even make my latest game project (flora), available, as I still wait for comments from the ones financing it.

d) My last article on game design/theory was written more than a year ago. This is something I would like to change at some point in the near future. Even medium-size observations are disappearing from this blog.

e) I haven´t played games, even some I really wanto to, in a while - who has the time?

f) Still, I must be doing something right, as I´ve noticed a link to us from Jeff Tunnel´s blog, Make It Big In Games - I must say I feel honored about it.

g) Although I haven´t noticed a significant increase in numbers of readers, this weblog still serves it´s function of helping me reflect on games (and, of course, make my ideas on the subject available to those who are interested in the subject), in great part thanks to the help of those who still make comments on that - specially Chris, Patrick, Corvus and Kevin.

i) Finally, for the third consecutive year, let me finish this post saying that "I am stil not sure how the website will evolve and how often it will be updated, but everyone is certainly welcome to keep coming back."

You certainly are.
Copyright, Chico Queiroz