Monday, April 09, 2007

"Bang goes another year...

...In and out of one ear."

Two days ago turned into a two year-old blog. Instead of a retrospective, let me just punctuate this moment with some random comments:

a) My new day job is, so far, unrelated to games or interactivity. Is this affecting my posts in quantity and quality? Possibly. This same job could deal with simulation and serious/persuasive games in the future. My fingers are crossed.

b) On the other hand, I keep freelancing, making quick, simple webgames. I guess I need, apart from financial compensation, some contact with games and game design.

c) I feel I cannot even make my latest game project (flora), available, as I still wait for comments from the ones financing it.

d) My last article on game design/theory was written more than a year ago. This is something I would like to change at some point in the near future. Even medium-size observations are disappearing from this blog.

e) I haven´t played games, even some I really wanto to, in a while - who has the time?

f) Still, I must be doing something right, as I´ve noticed a link to us from Jeff Tunnel´s blog, Make It Big In Games - I must say I feel honored about it.

g) Although I haven´t noticed a significant increase in numbers of readers, this weblog still serves it´s function of helping me reflect on games (and, of course, make my ideas on the subject available to those who are interested in the subject), in great part thanks to the help of those who still make comments on that - specially Chris, Patrick, Corvus and Kevin.

i) Finally, for the third consecutive year, let me finish this post saying that "I am stil not sure how the website will evolve and how often it will be updated, but everyone is certainly welcome to keep coming back."

You certainly are.


Corvus said...

Grats on the milestone! We're in much the same boat, professionally speaking -- working day jobs, trying to find time to make 'it' happen. Personally? I have confidence in both of us. Keep on sluggin' away!

Ana said...

This is the best game website I´ve ever seen. Happy birthday nongames.

Chris said...

Congratulations on the milestone, Chico!

I think the reason you are short of comments is that your area of interest is outside of the concern of most gamer hobbyists. But on the plus side, this saves you from an endless flood of empty vacuous comments from clueless and irritable visitors. :)

An alternative explanation is that Corvus, Patrick, Kevin and I are just freaks. I think this may hold some water! :D

Let everything proceed in its own way, and all will be well.

Best wishes, and many happy returns! (That phrase makes not a lick of sense, but c'est la vie!)


Patrick said...

If you noticed the poor reviews of flOw and PwF (in terms of the quality of the journalism, not the grade awarded) have a lot to do with the lack of strong goal-orientation, you have something to write about. :>]

Chico Queiroz said...

Thank you all for your kind words :)

Corvus: I know I´m late here, but congratulations on MBB 2 year-old birthday too :). I can´t wait to see HoneyComb - I´m sure that could make 'it' happen.

Ana: you help me making it much more than you imagine :)

Chris: Both arguments make sense :) Best wishes to you too, I hope you´re enjoying the US.

Patrick: Good editorial tip - diferentiated game reviews. Who knows? If I have the time...

Kevin said...

Congrats Chico! Keep up the good work here and I look forward to try Flora. I hope you'll be able to publish it in some way soon.

BTW, I just started a blog of my own, so look forward for some game analysis and other design articles.


Chico Queiroz said...

Thanks Kevin!
It´s great to hear about your blog! Where´s the URL? :)

Kevin said...

Here it is.

You can also click on my posting name to access it, since I registered with Blogger.

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