Sunday, June 28, 2009

SBGames 09 Art Exhibition

I've got some interesting games/art pieces offered since my last post, and now is official: The CFP is online now (under Parallel Events > Art Exhibition. Spread the word!

Here's the CFE, by the way:

Art Exhibition

About the Event
The Arts Exhibition is an experimental laboratory for new digital art concepts, interactive immersion, character creation, storytelling, digital music, and innovative interfaces in games, virtual worlds, and digital entertainment environments.

Game development involves high qualified people and big efforts in arts and design. Nowadays, the amount of artists and designers in a game development team represents more than 70%. In this context, SBGames has been organizing, since 2004, the Art Exhibition aiming to motivate new talents in the field of games development and digital entertainment, as well as publicizing artworks of professionals, artists, and designers.

You are invited to submit pieces of digital artwork in any form: printed, video, audio, interactive installations, virtual reality, augmented reality, … .

The exhibition will be held in a charming neoclassic old mansion adapted to the tropical environment: “Solar Grandjean de Montigny” – the residence of the French architect Auguste Henri Victor Grandjean de Montigny who came to Brazil in 1816 as a member of the French artistic mission commissioned by D. João VI.

Call for Participation
The SBGames 09 is now accepting entries for its Art Exhibition, to be held at the Solar Grandjean de Montigny, located at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), from October 8th to November 6th 2009.

This year, the connection between video games and art will be approached from several perspectives at once, celebrating the diversity of uses of art in games and vice-versa. This is an opportunity to witness how videogames mature as an artistic media, and how they increasingly support several creative expression forms.

The entries are divided into four major categories:

  • Character Design:Promoted and organized by the Story Design Lab (LADEH), a lab within PUC-Rio's Art and Design Department, the Character Design Competitive Exhibition will be held in conjunction with the other SBGames 09 Art Exhibition features. More details on 'Parla! LADEH First Contest and Exhibition of Character Design', including its Call For Entries, rules and procedures will soon be available.
  • Art Games: A showcase for games addressing game art and design in innovative and poetic ways. This category embraces games from experimental webgames to fully-featured standalone commercial games that look at new directions for video games in content, themes, gameplay and interaction. Please note that we cannot support games requiring network or internet connection.
  • In-game Art: A display for a diverse range of artistic material made for a game. These forms include, but are not restricted to, 3D models, 2D sprites, music, cinematic cut-scenes and matte painting. Please note that some entries may be adapted or translated into non-electronic illustrative forms to better suit the exhibition.
  • Games as art tools:A section dedicated to all sorts of expressive, thought-provoking user-created content that go beyond the boundaries of the game universe to explore new relations to our culture and new forms of self-expression. These art forms include, but are not restricted to, films made with games (machinima), sim-fiction, game mods, game-generated music, character and level design. Please note that some entries may be adapted or translated into non-electronic illustrative forms to better suit the exhibition.

    Submissions should be sent to and should contain:

  • Name of the submitted piece of work.
  • Name of the artist(s) or group of artists.
  • Brief description of the work (up to 70 words).
  • Year of realization.
  • System requirements (hardware and software) for games or other digital media.
  • Image Attachment (or text) up to 10mb (largee attachments will not be processed).
  • Link for downloading reproduction or original works (larger than 10mb).

    Art Exhibition Organizer
    Chico Queiroz (PUC-Rio)

    Submission Deadline: August 23, 2009
    Selected Works Announcement: September 15, 2009
    Exhibition: October 8 - November 6, 2009
  • Copyright, Chico Queiroz