Saturday, March 31, 2007

Networking for Game Developers and Players

the Great Games Experiment is the name of the social networking community website made by people at GarageGames for game players, developers and publishers. Looks like a good place to promote indie content, discussions and team building. Check it out.


Kevin said...

Sorry, I didnt knew where to post that. Just wanted to let you know about that news on Square's upcoming "non-games" for DS.

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Kevin,

Thanks a lot for posting! Don´t worry about looking for the right place - comment anywhere you like.

I´ll check out the titles mentioned on the article. Oh god, there´s a gardening one...

Is it possible that both ds non-games and gardening sim markets are already saturated?

Kevin said...


From the article, these are all "practical" softwares. So it's probably closer to a gardening "how to" book than an actual (non-)game like yours, which seems full of fantasy.

Have a nice day!

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