Saturday, March 03, 2007

Flash API for Wiimote

Wiicade, a Flash/Wii games portal, has announced the Wiicade API, which allows flash game developers to access Wiimote functionalities.

For flash designers/developers, this could be huge. I still haven´t tried it, though (all I get are broken links).

Does anyone know if the DS browser also has Flash capabilities?

(via Man Bytes Blog)


Corvus said...

I'm pretty sure Opera DS does not play Flash files. Opera Wii, as is my understanding, is running on a Linux kernel and uses the last generation of Linux Flash player (hopefully to be updated in the final version).

Opera DS is running on a proprietary DS kernel, of which I know next to nothing.

On a side note, hopefully Google Translations didn't butcher the opening line of my post too badly!

Chico Queiroz said...

Thanks for the info Corvus! By the way, I´m not a native Spanish speaker, but the opening line felt like, well, was translated by Google :) But it gave a festivity-like quality to the post, so it worked. :)

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