Friday, July 29, 2005

Lack of updates and spam

I still have to post the second part of the NTI* conference report. However, I have been quite busy lately, and I am getting lots of spam posted as comments in this website.

If anyone knows how to limit comments to registered users or delete them easily using geeklog, please, post a comment here.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You could give (some of) the power to the viewers. Give people the possibility to check a comment to identify it as spam. If 3 persons with different IP's want to delete a comment because it is spam, it would be automaticly deleted. You might add a button for you to lock comments that you don't want to be kicked out...

Just thinking out loud..

chico queiroz said...

Thank you for the message, it's a great idea.

However, I will have to check if geeklog supports this feature.

again, thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Another GeekLog user here... (

Saw your post, here's howto limit it to registered users only:

Edit your config.php file:

Miscellaneous Settings section
the line:

$_CONF['commentsloginrequired'] = 0;
change the 0 to a 1, save the file. Commenters will be required to register before posting.

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