Saturday, October 15, 2005

The games of Gabriel Orozco has an interview with Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, who, among other media, uses games (and non-games) in his work.

About his work "Horses Running Endlessly", he says:

"I play a lot and I wanted to make a chess game that was about the knight—the horse—and then I multiply it by four. They’re all horses so there are no queens and kings, towers and bishops, just horses. And they’re running endlessly because they are all together running in this open field. You have a game that I didn’t put any rules."

This is not the only game-based piece by Orozco, who also did works around the themes of ping pong and billiards. In the interview, he explains his attraction to games:

"Every game has a connection to how we conceive nature and landscape. How we order and we structure reality."

Read the interview here.

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