Tuesday, September 19, 2006

6 Tags: Play and Games Symbols

I was invited by André Carita and Pedro Silva to play 6 Tags, a viral game going on the blogosphere. Apparently, all you need to do is post a list of six inter-related elements - the subject of the list could anything you want. Then you have to ask six more people to do the same - which is probably the hardest part.

Here is my participation:

Tags: Play and Games Symbols (in random order)

#1 - Dice: In a general way, they represent Alea, games of chance. Also, they remind me of classic board games and RPGs. They come in many shapes, but I´m using the traditional six-sided one, here.

#2 - The Knight: My favourite chess piece stands for Agon, games of competition and strategy. Why is it my favourite chess piece? because of the way it moves, of course. It makes easier to capture the Queen or threat the King and a Rook simultaneously (I know, you can say from my tactics I´m not a strong player).

#3 - Spades (the suit): Card games - and there are many of them - suggest a balance between chance and strategy. Plus, cards (traditional or not) are a very interesting material to play and work with. I was undecided between Spades of Clubs - but I thougth Spades would have more dramatic appeal.

#4 - Tetris L-shaped Brick: The only video game here, Tetris is one of the most powerful representation of digital games there are. It´s abstract, it´s fast, it´s natural to its medium and fit to represent it. Plus, it´s hugely successful and easy to recognise. Why the L-shaped? Probably because it reminds me of the Knight´s movement.

#5 - Lego Brick: Standing for free and creative play, the Lego Brick is a symbol of Paidia, opposed to (or complementing)the rule-based goal-oriented ludic play previously represented.

#6 - The Go Board: For its simple rules and complex gameplay that lead to an infinity of possible outcomes, the game of Go is considered by some (including Will Wright) as the greatest game ever. The Go board itself is very simple, and seems perfect to illustrate the countless possibilities that can emerge from the rules of a game.

6 invitees - probably the only people I know that I was not too embarrassed to invite:

GameReporter, King Lud IC, Only a Game,Mushroom Corporation, Man Bytes Blog and Casual Game Design.

Dice: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/6/6a/Dice.jpg/150px-Dice.jpg
Knight: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Chess_ndl44.png
Spades: http://www.urc.ac.ru/cgi/gb/ico/spades.gif
Tetris: http://www.ping.be/~tlammens/tetris/geschiedenis.html
Lego: http://media.peeron.com/ldraw/images/2/3004.png
Go: http://people.albion.edu/gad10/GO%20board.GIF


Patrick Dugan said...

Maybe I'll give that a go.

Not a bad rundown of Callois in graphical form.

Chico Queiroz said...

Well, it could have been more precise, I suppose... Still, it was fun ;)

And please, give it a try! I can only imagine the kind of lists you would elaborate :)

Chris said...

Your symbols are awesome, Chico! But I must reluctantly turn down your invitation.

This game is a variant of the chain letter game which I am sworn to decline. I might be willing to post six symbols, but I wouldn't be willing to invite six people to continue the chain. :(

I occasionally make exceptions on ethical grounds, but that doesn't really apply here.

Sorry to be such a stick in the mud - but anyway, I can't improve upon what you've already done here. :)

Take care!

PS: to anyone else, please don't let my prior commitments discourage you from participating! I do not uphold my "petty boycotts" with the intent of directly affecting other people's behaviour, only my own. :)

Corvus said...

Hm. Good post and interesting mem.

I'll probably give this a go and invite other people to partake if they feel like it. I've informally assigned meme's to Mondays, so don't expect anything until then!

Chico Queiroz said...

Chris: Don't worry, I completely understand - I was reluctant to participate myself, as chains are not my favourite form of expression on the Internet. However, I felt like I could say something interesting through it, so I did. Of course, no one should feel obliged to participate. Thanks anyway!

Corvus: Sure, give it a go whenever (and if) you feel like it! Thanks a lot!


Roman Budzowski said...

I don't like chains either, but love your symbols. Especialy what you wrote about Tetris :) I'm working on a game that incorporates some of Tetris mechanics and it's going to be "the next big thing" in casual games :D

L shape - probably has most harmony and others would not connect that strong with the game.

Chico Queiroz said...

Roman: Thanks a lot for the words, and, please, don't forget to announce here whenever your game is available!

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