Thursday, February 08, 2007

Self-help game - play it now. is a company that promises to deliver "Stress Relief through Simple, Daily Games". At first I thought this discourse could resemble my own intentions with non-games experimentation, but their purposes and methods are, in fact, quite different. From their website:

"MindHabits produces computer software designed to help people reduce their stress levels and boost their self-confidence, using games that automatically retrain the way the mind responds to social stress. This patent pending technology is the result of a decade of research by scientists at McGill University, one of the world’s top medical research centers. The software – based on the emerging science of social intelligence – helps you practice the mind habit of focusing on positive social feedback, which in turn reduces stress levels and improves self-confidence."

The best thing is: you can try the game for yourself right now. (I´m not sure the flash will be displayed on feeds readers):
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Any comments?


Patrick said...

They must come from the "implement a shallow dynamic around a loosely interpreted theory" school of game design.

Chris said...

This is really nice piece of work! That each action wins you the goal of seeing someone smiling at you is surprisingly effective. Definitely a cut above most 'spot the difference' games.

I wonder what's in the full version, except more faces?

Chico Queiroz said...

I think they have other 'games' in the full version. I was not very impressed by this one, but maybe I´ll have to wait and see if my self-confidence is actually improving...

I´m not sure if the game is supposed to affect only those with serious stress issues - I´m guessing it´s not.

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