Thursday, May 17, 2007

Flora Online Demo - direct link

For you haing trouble with flora´s website (I hae no clue on what´s going on), here the direct link to the online demo:

English version
Portuguese Version


Chris said...


*Finally* found the time to check this out - and it's looking really nice! I love the basic premise, the interface is both crisp and beautiful.

The way that the research tool spreads out the learning of the options available in adjusting appearance is really neat - it avoids overloading the player too soon with options, and subtly gives structure to an otherwise formless endeavour.

I only have a few small suggestions, either of which can comfortably be ignored:

- The pressure of the game is controlled by the frequency of pollination, and water-requirement et al. As it stood, I found that the game produced a sense of urgency that was a little stressful. I wonder, therefore, if you want to be able to control the pacing of the game with a slider somewhere? Ah, just checked the options and there it is. Okay, scratch that then! :)
- The only other point is, given that Research tool does nothing to clouds, if you click on a cloud, could the game not automatically switch to Wind tool? (This is a minor issue at best - sometimes it is better not to produce erratic behaviour for the sake of alleged convenience).

Basically, this is a great little non-game! I have added a link to my Indie Game Bazaar list on my blog. If I have the link wrong, let me know!

Also: let me know when you would like me to shill Flora in a main post (whenever it is most useful to you).

Best wishes, and congratulations on your non-game!

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Chris,

Thanks a lot for taking your take to play and comment Flora! I really appreciate both the compliments and the suggestions. About them:

- As you see, I intend to give the player am option to adjust the game pace to his personal preferences. Let´s hope we can make it on a full version :)

- I´m guilty on this one :) I thought some would be confused by the automatic tool switch. Maybe it can be re-implemented. Great to hear your opinion - It´s good the receive this kind of feedback.

The link is just right. Thank you very much for that too. By the way, I will that main post in the near future :)

Again, thanks a lot for all the help.


Chris said...

Chico: there is definitely an argument that says you should auto-change tools. I don't think it's a certainty that you should make this change, but I mentioned it as something to think about.

I'm assuming I'll see a post on your feed by RSS that makes it clear when you want more publicity. ;)

Best wishes!

Chico Queiroz said...

Of course, I would test it a little bit more before making any changes. But it is a good advice, nevertheless.

Don´t worry, I´ll let you know when to help me spread the word on flora :)


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