Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Google Gadgets as game platform

I don´t know how many iGoogle users there are (a lot, I guess), but since Google has been trying to attract and support google gadget developers, I was wondering if this couldn't be a very interesting game platform.

I haven´t really researched the dev guide, but I have no doubt that some original games could be made, taking advantage of iGoogle´s user base and structure.

The idea of browser-accessible, script-embedded games and activities is very attractive. Metaplace seems to be a much stronger player in that area. In fact, Metaplace seems to be so ahead (hum... Metaplace Google Gadget!), that maybe Google Gadget Games should embrace alternative features, such as text games, parallel gaming, etc.

Of course, there are several successful GG games, such as Sudoku, Chess, Tetris, etc. But I´m willing to bet that something new could come out of it. It could be an interesting niche, anyway.


Patrick said...

Well in theory Metaplace or lo que could work on any platform, so if Google can provide a great platform here (I'm particularly stoked about the potential of the Gphone) then that would make mobile a lot more accesible.

Chico Queiroz said...

That´s a good reminder - I wasn't even considering mobile, then.

I guess in practice this kind of convergence is more difficult than in theory, though... Still, quite promising.


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