Sunday, April 02, 2006

1 year of

When I first started this website, it was a log for my MA project, and a way of keeping track of things I found interesting. After the conclusion of my project, I kept the website for those same purposes. I also wanted to promote my own production of both games and related theory, although I would like to - and often feel like I should - have more to offer by now.

I am glad to see that, during this relatively short period, non-games (and I still don't know if that's a proper term) such as Nintendogs, Electroplankton and others have become popular products. On a more theoretical side, we also have much more material on the subject. Two examples are Chris Bateman and Richard Boons' 21s century game design (where the term 'toyplay' is presented) and Jesper Juul's lecture at gdc, A New kind of Game.

Of course, with such good works around (both in games and theory), I frequently wonder what can I add to the discussion. So far, I have presented nothing but my MA project and some spare (some good, some bad, some irrelevant) thoughts. I hope to contribute more in the next future, practically, theoretically or both.

Throughout this year, I have lived in five different addresses, four different cities, two different continents. I've met many interesting people, some of them through this website (i.e. all my six readers :)). I've also had several different jobs, plans and points of view on the same subject. One year ago, those who accessed would read a welcome message. It finished like that: "I am still not sure how the website will evolve and how often it will be updated, but everyone is certainly welcome to keep coming back." Today, the message is basically the same. Enjoy!

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