Friday, March 31, 2006

Web demo for DS game

The website of the game The Rub Rabbits, sequel of Project Rub, presents some of its mini-games in flash.

Since there is a version of the Opera Browser coming for Nintendo DS, I hope demos like this one can be accessed through the handheld in the next future. Not to mention (that's what I am really looking forward to) independent games.

(via UK Resistance)

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pdugan said...

Since GDC I've been the lead designer on an indie project for the DS! How crazy is that?

Writing the design doc right now, I've got a concept for a wide variety of gameplay based on drawing symbols with the stylus to cast magic. Just a bit nervous about whether it'll come together in a flow or not.

There'll be both a goal-oriented story mode and a more freeform multiplayer, where people can get together in a room and chat and entertian each other with magic.

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