Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mafalda on Game Design and Theory - Part 4

(you might need to access the page to see the comic strip)

- I have to do my homework
- I have to make some deliveries
- I have to watch a TV show

- So, we have just the time to play "nuclear war", right?
- Yes
- (This modern life requests shorter and shorter games)

From "Toda mafalda", by Quino - All rights reserved

The choice for this comic strip was influenced by this post on Passive Gaming, plus two other articles it points to.

Passive games, played with a few clicks every now and then, ideal for the frantic pace of modern life, could be interesting. In fact, I have previously demonstrated my interest in the subject on the final section of my MA final project's critical appraisal. "The idea of researching a sort of ‘lateral’ gaming – to be played in parallel with non-ludic activities". Passive gaming is the term I was looking for!

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