Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No More Toys on Happy Meals - Part II

It's official: no more toys on Happy Meals (in Brazil). The reasons are a little bit different than first announced on a previous post.

The motive would be complaints by parents, who would not want to be forced to buy the happy meal just to get the toy. They will be sold separately from now on.

I have some theories on what could happen next:

a) McDonald's will get back the rights to sell the Happy Meal as it was.
b) Happy Meal's cardboard box will be fantastically improved, with great boardgames to be cut out and assembled by the children
c) Adults who used the Happy Meal as an excuse to buy a toy will protest against the decision
d) Happy Meal will change its name to something else, like Boring Meal
e) McDonald's will start selling toys for $0,29. The toy industry will protest asking for the return of the Happy Meal.

If you are willing to register to a Brazilian online newspaper and train your Portuguese, here is the source for the news.

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