Friday, March 17, 2006

Forget 'Ludology x Narratology', read Cybertext and Half-Real

I got slightly burned for a comment posted on The Ludologist. The subject was The Escapist's article on Ludology and Narratology. In my comment, posted mainly to say how much I liked Half-Real, I criticized an approach to the "Ludology x Narratology" debate which was not employed by the author of the text in question. Although my comment was pointed at a generic position, rather than the text itself, I should have read the whole article before entering the discussion, instead of just commenting the comments.

Having read recently Half-Real by Juul and Cybertext by Aarseth, the episode above helped me see one thing:

Both books are excellent, and very informative. What you might need to do before reading them is forget the whole "Narratology x Ludology" debate - or at least the simplistic view on it. I probably had a prejudiced vision on this debate and where it usually leads to (hence my post), not a very helpful attitude when you're trying to read and understand something else.

The books in question got plenty of reviews around, and they are on my list of recommendations. If you read this website, chances are you've already read them. If not, you should check them out when you have time.

That's it. Let me take a break from the NxL discussion - I don't have much to add to it right now.

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