Wednesday, December 13, 2006

(more) new screenshots

The game looks the same as the previous screenshots. No visual changes have been made since last version.

Still, pretty flowers, huh? :)


Patrick said...

Have you played Plantasia? Is that available in South America? You might have a real opportunity to fill that void in your regional market.

Chico Queiroz said...

Yes, I have played the demo version. I was, quite frankly, concerned about design similarities, but then I was relieved to see that there were very very few - mostly the 'flower' setting (as I believe it would be the case with Flower shop - which I haven´t played).

Although casual games are available globally, I think most titles, Plantasia included, is not available in Portuguese. However, 20+ years of non-translated videogames might have already made localization unimportant. Maybe that´s something that would change with the advent of interactive storyworlds...

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