Friday, December 01, 2006

Non-games and Toyplay: Preliminary list - Part V

Let´s not forget:

  • Cloud
  • Flow

    Brilliant games from That Game Company.

    Chris said...

    I personally dispute that flOw is a non-game or a toyplay game. It seems to me to be an abstract RPG. Even Cloud is a close call - it's very goal oriented.

    Still, cast your net wide... ;)

    Chico Queiroz said...

    Hum... interesting concept, the ARPG... still, I guess flOw allows so much freedom to the player that it could be called a nongame. I wonder what Jenova would say..

    But you might be right about Cloud.

    (I feel I shouldn´t cast the net so wide, or I´ll have to start include titles such as GTA...)

    Copyright, Chico Queiroz