Saturday, May 14, 2005

PSP non-games

(via gamespot) Two non-games are already in development for the Sony PSP: Talkman and Adventure Player.

Adventure Player, by From Software, will allow the player to build his own adventure games (and also other styles of games, such as puzzles and quiz) on his PC. The games are, then, played on the PSP via Memory Stick. It will be nice to see so many custom-made games, and hopefully some will be very original and attract players with different tastes. It's not very likely that this release will attract many non-gamers, but that could be wrong, who knows? Game-making and modding are usually related to hardcore players, but depending on the tool, that could change.

Talkman, on the other side, is a translation software, but also a piece of entertainment, with several games that test the player's fluency of a language (English or Japanese, apparently).

I really like the idea behind Talkman - it has the functionalities that you expect from a translation software, but places them into a ludic context, with all the treatment you expect from a videogame. It's also nice to see real-worlds applications and videogames merging (something I would like to research more, as I intend to include something like that in my MA project - a nice tip from one of my tutors). Instead of 'breaking the magic circle', it could extend it in a nice way.

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