Friday, May 13, 2005

Will PC gaming be reborn in the near future?

The last edition of Develop - the British equivalent to Game Developer - brings some opinions by industry insiders on the future of independent companies. Matt Nagy, from Coyote Developments, says:

"With the rise of the PSP,DS, Gizmondo,PC and the mobile phone games arena (...) there is plenty of work for small developers to continue to make their creative mark on the games industry".

I agree, and that is one of the reasons why I've chosen the Nintendo DS as the target platform for my final project, but what happens when the gap between handhelds and consoles gets even smaller?

The PC, also cited by Nagy, is probably the better platform for putting creativity in games and is the cheapest one to produce for. Could that lead to a renaissance of PC gaming on the future? With the consoles becoming more and more similar to PCs, wouldn't it be the way to go?

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