Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gameplay Sheet: Musical notation applied to videogames

This one was recommended by a reader in the comments section of the previous post: 'Creating a system of game play notation' is an essay by Danc where elements of music notation are borrowed to analyse gameplay. Designers and researchers could benefit a lot from it.

In fact, since it often involves the construction of rhythms and patterns, the work of a games designer might resemble the work of composers or djs (Rez being the most obvious example).

Here is the link.

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pdugan said...

After digesting the notation theory and the counter-examples posed in the related discourse, I came up with this:

It seems to me that there is a bias towards the ludus in the musical idea. The reason I like the metaphore of game designers as djs is that there is an implication of improvisation and true chaotic play, paidia in other words. I won't be satisfied with a theory of games unless it encompasses things outside of ludic game-dom.

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