Tuesday, January 17, 2006

News: mini-nongame available; no more comment spam...

... and, I hope, intro text for RSS feed (let´s hope it works).

The website now features a (very basic) mini-nongame on the right column. The idea is to bring a new mini-nongame every now and then. I might include desktop versions for download.

Plus, I´ve deleted all the comment spam, which won´t come back, thanks to a help from another geeklog user (http://www.bnac.biz). I will miss the fake compliments, though... :)

I hope you enjoy the mini-nongame.


pdugan said...

That works really well with music, particularly crazy independant music like the stuff you might hear over Woxy.com

People have compared music and games: http://lostgarden.com/2006/01/creating-system-of-game-play-notation.html

Maybe in understanding music and non-games vs. music and games a powerful bit of theory can be formulated.

chico queiroz said...

That is a great article - thanks for the link! I also think that this particular mini-nongame goes well with background music. I hope I can publish a full screen version - it works even better that way.

There is, if you look around, a good number of articles on music and games. The relationship of music and non-games (as opposed to other genres) is a good topic to be looked at – especially considering games having music as subject. How would one compare Dance Dance Revolution to Electroplankton? And how about Rez?

Again, thanks for the post!

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