Monday, January 23, 2006

Software Lego; More on game notation systems

Made by Anders Isaksson, BlockCad has been around for a while, and it deserves a post from this website: It is a Cad software using Lego Blocks. Shaped like a conventional software and a being space for freeform creative play, BlockCad is a perfect example of a non-game.

PS: For those who have been following it, The debate on game notation systems keeps going on King Lud IC


pdugan said...

Fun stuff, though back in the day, (toddler-hood, late '80's) I was a hardcore Playmobile guy, and generally stayed away from Lego.

What this software really reminds me of is the work I'm currently doing on Fireball, under Chris Bateman. This makes me wonder is maybe being a good level designer involves being good at more paidic play. Maybe there is a correlation between the continuum of structured ludus and chaotic paidia and the role and skill of a designer.

chico queiroz said...

I agree, and I would not restrict that to game or level designers only. In fact, most creative roles and skills probably involve a balance between paidia and ludus at some level....

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