Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Soundtrack considerations

Since we´ve discussed tutorials and missions, why not step out of design for a bit and enter the sound department? More specifically, let´s talk in-game music:

The game I´m working one won´t have space for several tunes. In fact, we might have only one tune for the opening and another one (probably a variation) for the game itself.

Yes, only one. A short one. That´s not much, I know. So how do we make it suitable for the game?

My personal experience is that repetitive melodies get listeners tired pretty quickly. That´s probably more true with casual games. That´s why I am considering to use only percussive sounds in the soundtrack.

First, it would fit the game style. Secondly, it´s very economical. Finally, I believe this kind of music can be more easy on the ears and last long, since listeners tend to create the other music elements in their head while listening.

Am I forgetting something? Is there anything wrong with this line of thought?


Patrick said...

That sounds fairly prudent actually, I might have to go along similar lines. Not nessecarily percussion, but relying on John Cage-esque spare tones so that the user isn't overwhelmed with a highly detailed repetition.

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Patrick!

Yes, this could work well. I was considering this sort of ´irregular´ melodies as well. But I thought that, during a longer session, the player could identify the pattern, breaking it down to the same kind of repetitive sequence I was trying to avoid...
Of course, this could be due to the fact that I´m trying to make a 1-minute tune... or maybe the molody was not ´spare´ enough...

Back to the music sequencer...

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