Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New blog structure and schedule

Ok, some good people are doing what seems to be an excellent idea: organizing better their blog activities. Nongames was originally a tool for helping me to develop a personal project, and I guess I´m not using it properly. Adopting the new scheme will, hopefully, help me to organize my thoughts and increase my productivity. Updating it as it is right now often feels to me like a minor waste of time. Let´s change that.

So here is a first outline:

  • Monday: Poll day. This is when I post a new question (have you answered yesterday´s question, by the way?). Discuss among yourselves!
  • Tuesday: Plan day. A day for organizing my plans and bringing up ideas. Like this one.
  • Wednesday: Random day. It could be a short game review, it could be a gameplay video. It could be a couple of interesting links, or just some random thoughts.
  • Thursday: Issues in design day. This should be the day I enter a more in-depth text on game/digital media issues I´m working on. This could be a work in progress for more extensive analysis.
  • Friday: Poll commenting day. When I comment monday poll results.

    This could change in the future, but let´s see if it works. I might skip a day of the week every now and then, but will try not to do so.

    Anonymous said...

    This will come to be known as the great game designer's blog reform of '07!

    Chico Queiroz said...

    The whole thing is like a movement, isn´t it? :)


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