Friday, October 05, 2007

Poll analysis - games and art

Ok, so I asked:

"Which kinds of game-related art do you think are more interesting?"

Results so far:

  • Art created within the game, for in-game use (think Spore) (3 votes)
  • Art created within the game, for external use (think The Movies, The Sims albuns) (1 votes)
  • Art created trhough hacking the game (think super mario cloud, nullpoint, etc) (1 votes)
  • Art created using the game engine (Machinima, etc.) (2 votes)
  • Art created using external tools (think all kinds of mods) (2 votes)
  • Art about games (fan fiction, paintings about games) (1 votes)
    Games are the work of art themselves (6 votes)
  • Other = "Stories created by players inside game worlds" (Corvus vote? :))

    Ok, 7 voters are not that much, but there is a point becoming clear to me (specially when I take out my own biased votes): players may want a game to serve as a creative tool, but they will always want it to be a game - not only a tool.
    Corvus makes a good point: it´s all about the world that is given to the player. If the atmosphere is right, there will be a good reason for players to join in the creative process. They usually want the setting, the look and feel, the plot, etc., so they can build something on top.

    Chris said...

    I can see why you'd think the "other" vote was Corvus, but it was me. ;)


    Chico Queiroz said...

    Wow, you really got me on that one, Chris!

    Did you have any particular game in mind when voting for that?


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