Friday, October 19, 2007

Poll analysis - Wii Flash Games

We haven't got a significative number of votes to really judge the state of Wii Flash games market, but I wonder (and poll results might support this):

  • Aren't flash wii games a reallity in terms of commercial success, of even as an alternative field for creative games?

  • Is it possible that they become so?

  • Episodic games - a key to succesfull flash wii games?

  • Are there more potential FWG developers than players out there?

  • Is there any company working on 3D-enabled wii compatible game devkit? I know Unity3D should work in the near future, but are there any PCs alternative? (Unity3D is just for Macs).

    Andrew Perry said...

    I'm not sure if Flash games on the Wii are really a commercial success yet, but my gut feeling is that if they are done right they could be. Episodic games have the potential to keep players coming back, if they are engaging enough (the latest Sam'n'Max series is a reasonable example, and could be replicated with simpler non-3D graphics in Flash on the Wii).

    My biggest gripe about Flash games for the Wii as a player is that they are generally designed for a PC screen in-browser, and don't actually work very well on a TV screen (small fonts, stupid borders stopping fullscreen display, etc). A few exceptions are the offerings at WiiCade, and the Wii-optimized video sites and StumbleVideo. I'd like to know if there are more I've missed.

    As a wannabe Wii Flash game developer (I've almost no real experience in Flash, but can code other languages for simple game dev), I recently got tripped up by the lack of Flash 9, since I wanted to try Adobe Flex for game development which AFAIK only supports Flash 9.

    Chico Queiroz said...

    Hello Andrew, welcome and thanks for the input.

    I haven't played Sam'n'max episodic games but, as you, feel that even simpler episodic games could attract quite a decent audience - even if only a niche.

    There are a few other wii-specialized games sites. i'll try to compile a list for later.

    Good luck with your game projects. Is there anything we could play (Flash or not?)


    Andrew Perry said...

    Nothing playable yet ... maybe in some weeks (or months).

    Chico Queiroz said...

    Cool. Let us know when it's ready. :)

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