Monday, August 14, 2006

Links, trip, randomness

I'll be attending FILE this week. I'm not sure when I'll be able to post something about it, though.

If you pay attention to the links table on the right, you will notice three new ones: Debate Lúdico, Pensar Videojogos and Mushroom Corporation. These are the first non-English-speaking links on this website: the first one (maintained by me and announced here before) and the second one are written in Portuguese; and the last one, in Spanish.

On a side note, I must admit that, during the last months, I thought about removing the link to Casual Game Design, for its lack of updates. Well, I'm glad I didn't - it's back with an interesting post on chance and random reward - a subject I've tried to approach here.


André Carita said...

Thank you for the link! My english is not so good but I must say that I'm very pleased to see my blog in you link list!
Pensar Videojogos (=Think Videogames) is indeed a portuguese blog about Videogame Culture, a subject which I've been investigate for almost 2 years...

Thanks once again for this mention! :)
Best regards!

André Carita

André Carita said...

ok.. agora é que reparei que podia ter falado em português! :)

fica aqui o reparo!
Os meus cumprimentos e obrigado!

chico queiroz said...

You're welcome, André! Or should I say... De nada, André?

Abraços / Best ;)

drBoiffard said...

Hey!! Thank you very much for the link.

You've got a very interesting blog, I love it. I think it's very necessary to have this type of original points of view about videogames.


chico queiroz said...

Saludos ;), and thanks a lot for the compliments. I must say I'm also enjoying your Mushroom Corporation very much (I love the header illustration, by the way!)

Take care!

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