Friday, August 25, 2006

The PS2-less Guitar Hero

Fret on Fire is a PC game that plays similarly to Guitar Hero. It is for free and includes a Song Editor, so you can transpose your band´s promising demo tape or whatever James Blunt tune you´ve been whistling for the past week.

I´m glad games like this are made for many reasons: First, I´m an amateur musician (or something close to that), so I enjoy watching this universe as video games settings. Secondly, the fact you can use it as a tool to actually create songs and share them in a different way. Also, the rhythm/melody based gameplay is an interesting one.

I haven´t played FoF yet so, if you have, let me know how it feels like.



alfblack said...

I love it. I dont really play the guitar. But after trying this game. I'm hooked. You use the keyboard, held in a certain way that it kinda like a guitar. It works well.

Your frets are F1-F5 and the strum key is ENTER.

Chico Queiroz said...

Thanks for the feedback, alfblack!
Good to see people are into the game even if they do not play guitar. I wonder if some will use it as a real instrument in their performances/recordings...

Chico Queiroz said...

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