Monday, January 15, 2007

Demo almost complete

Flora's demo is almost complete - too bad it's not an unlockable demo, but something I will have to make into a full game afterwards. Anyway, I have a deadline I cannot skip. At all.

Although it's not as complete or polished as I would like it to be, I must say I'm actually enjoying to playtest the game. Many things could be bettered, but I feel it's somewhat fun to play it (although I know it's not everyone cup of tea). That's something I would not say one or two months away, when I was quite frankly upset about it. That's changed now. Good.

Is it natural for designers have such bipolar feelings about their creations?

Well, back to work.


Patrick said...

I think so. Whats worse, you tend to develop bipolar feelings about other games as well. On one hand you try to appreciate the flow and the association with the fiction, on the other hand you start critique-ing the fine rules and pointing out ways it could be bettered. Its designeritis.

Chris said...

Bipolar feelings definitely go with the territory, Chico. It's safer that way... otherwise one gets swept away with delusions of grandeur. ;)

Chico Queiroz said...

Patrick: It´s good to know you´ve found a medical term for it. Who knows, maybe somedaye there will be game design conventions made to fuel that love/hate relationship with the game.

Chris: Maybe it´s the other way around - not to protect us from delusions of grandeur, but from the feeling that, actually, it´s not good. :)

Thanks for sharing!

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