Monday, January 29, 2007

Wii programing tools for indies / Are Goals and Art incompatibles?

Two interesting links to start the week with:

- Winning as a Goal is Incompatible with Art, (via Raph Koster)

- Nintendo to offer original game downloads for Wii - great news for indies! (via Man Bytes Blog)

Spammers keep using my domain, although i´m pretty sure they´re not using my mail server (different IP). Let´s hope it ends soon.


Chris said...

Just so you know, spammers 'spoof' our corporate domain for spam too. It seems to be essentially impossible to stop. As long as they are not using your IP address i.e. you are not responsible for the spam, you have to take it on the chin that they are using your domain name. We do. :(

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

If you have the spare cycles in your work week, you could track down which IP address the spam is originating from and report the abuse to the IP's registrar.

Otherwise, yeah. They'll probably be caught by the sysadmin of the infected host machine and move on to other servers and other domains. These things go in waves.

Chico Queiroz said...

Thanks a lot for the advice.

It´s a little bit sad that they´re now hijacking all the attention on the comment sections :)

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