Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Low-risk, fast-paced, instant gratifications

It´s weird how the finished demo has become different from the original idea. The greatest contrast is in the intended rhythm of the game: I had in mind a very slow-paced, zen game. Instead, it is now close to an "instant gratification" game. Not so much of a challenge - it´s very difficult to get a game over screen - but still fast paced.

I´m not sure that´s better or worse than the initial intention, but maybe that´s what a "casual non-game" is supposed to feel like. Almost like gardening for the Popcap generations.


Kevin said...

Hey Chico!

Can't wait to put my hands on that demo. It's probably good that it goes fast if you want people to stay hooked on it. If it was to be too slow and zen, would'nt it come to feel like a screensaver?

Have you had any testers on it? Maybe the rhythm isnt so fast when you got your hands on it for the first time. :)

I hope you will have a public demo available!

Keep up the great work.

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Kevin! Thanks a lot for posting.

Wow, now I hope the demo is good enough to meet your expectations. It should be available next month - but that depends on other matters than the demo itself.

I was a little bit afraid of the screensaver effect myself, specially such a slow one :).

In fact, my only tester did not complain about the game pace. I guess some agility is necessary for those who are not used to play games, and do not want to feel bored by them. Maybe easy + fast is strange but powerful combination, after all...

Well, if there is a full version someday, I´ll make sure to implement the "game speed" option.

Again, thanks a lot for the words!

Take care.

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