Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Experimental Gameplay

From their website:

"The Experimental Gameplay Project: create 50 to 100 games in 1 semester. New games every week.

The Rules:

each game must be made in less than 7 days
each game must be made by one person, including all art, sound, and programming
each game must be based around a certain "toy" ie. "gravity", "vegetation", "swarm behavior", etc.

What?: Some games are below, some good, some crappy, all experimental. Have fun!

Some are 'nongames' (possibly because of the "toy" rule), and some are really good ('On a Rainy Day', 'Gravity Head' and 'The Crowd' are my favourites).


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering if applications such as Paintshop and 3Ds Max could be considered as kinds of non-games.

chico queiroz said...

I ask the same question on the post 'Mapping nongames, Part 1 - Rules' (in fact, using Photoshop as example). I guess you could call it a nongame. However, i think the overall environment of the software (interface,look-and-feel) plays an important role of its definition as a nongame.

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