Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mapping nongames, Part 7 - Magic Circles

Reading Rules of Play, I've found a passage that might help to explain nongames. One of the chapters is about the game as 'the magic circle' (a notion orignally formulated by Huizinga). Quote:

"In effect, a new reality is created, defined by the rules of the game and inhabited by its players"

So, (still) answering an anonymous comment - "I was just wondering if applications such as Paintshop and 3Ds Max could be considered as kinds of non-games." - I would say that no, unless you see yourself inside that new reality that nongames, as a videogame genre, create.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I suppose anything can be used as a non-game but it doesn't mean its a non-game- if that makes sense. This is a bit sad but I like it when my computer crashes and when I drag windows around my desktop it leaves a lovely trail behind which you can feel the screen with.

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