Monday, May 22, 2006

A Nongamer's Wiishlist

Looking for Wii game announcements, I've found a curious post at the Animal Crossing Community:

I want Animal Crossing Wii definitely and all of the weird Nongames.
I recently became a nongamer about 5 months ago, back then I was a die hard Nintendo fanboy.
(Emphasis mine)

I'am the demographic Nintendo is targeting.

My nongame wish list:

Animal Crossing Wii
Nintendogs Wii
Electroplankton Wii
Bob Ross Painting Wii
Mario Paint Wii
Giftpia Wii
Homeland Wii
Stage Debut Wii

Nintendo, please give me some weiird games.

Thanks Dobutsu.

Two notes on that:

1) The term 'nongames' is increasing in popularity, particularly amongst Nintendo users (that's Iwata's merit, not mine).

2) It seems there are cases (well, at least one!) of players abandoning conventional games in favor of more open-ended play-styles.

Are nongames becoming, if not legitimate as a genre, at least trendy?

Unrelated note: There's a video interview with Will Wright on BBC's website about, amongst other things, user-generated content - one of my favorites topics. (via ludology).


Patrick Dugan said...

After all this talk about non-gamers converting to gamers, its nice to hear about gamers converting to non-gamers.

Hoofin Dan said...

I think the industry has been sniffing around the non-games arena for a while.

They love the idea and they like throwing in words like sandbox, freedom, self expression etc.

But they've not got the confidence- or maybe the ability- to remove the safety net just yet. They still need the security that conventional gameplay provides.

So you get small bursts of non-games within a more conventional game- freeplay mode, mini-games, training levels etc.

Maybe that's starting to change with the success of games like Nintendogs.

chico queiroz said...

Patrick: True. I found it a little bit ironic too.

Hoofin dan: You might be right about that safety net. I also feel that hybrids might be better products than pure nongames. Second life is a game I should take a deeper look at. Have you played it?

By the way, have you tried that google earth 3d modeller?

Chris said...

This is a healthy sign, I believe. It shows that there is a growing awareness that games do not need to be structured solely around excitement and fiero. This is such a prevailing assumption in our industry, that any signs of alternatives (even in the audience) must be considered positive.

And Bob Ross Painting Wii? Give this nongamer a medal! :)

chico queiroz said...

Bob Ross Painting and Mario Paint.
But no Wii Maestro. Why?

Maybe in the near future conventional gameplay will become the alternative side of video games - almost a subculture. If so, it could be that hardcore gaming was not meant for the masses at all, but for a niche.

Now, could nongames, interactive storytelling, etc. reach the masses?

Patrick Dugan said...

Yeah, and Wii seems to be bringing a sturdy platform for that to happen.

chico queiroz said...

I want to believe that's the case. But I wonder if Nintendo policies regarding content and quality issues wouldn't somehow limit such movement. I hope not, but you never know...

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