Monday, May 01, 2006

Why game designers should support Brazil during the World Cup

As I write, I'm waiting to watch Barcelona x Milan for the UEFA Cup semifinals. More than a brilliant game, my expectations are related to a specific player: Ronaldinho.

If you've seen him play lately, you know why I am talking about this now. In the age of strength-football (soccer for some), he puts the beautiful game back into practice. He is the best player to combine competitive, tournament-winning qualities with plays that express grace, beauty and, why not, pure fun - just look at him during a match and he is smiling.

I am not the most unbiased person to suggest anyone should support the Brazilian squad. However, Ronaldinho (and other players, in inspired days) celebrates the multiple instances of play - ludus and paidia are combined, back into a sport that has become harder and more professional everyday. Ronaldinho knows that tricking an opponent* is a reward in itself, even if it does not affect the score.

Oh yes, I fell like I am pushing Callois' terms too far - along with everything else in this post. But anyway, in Germany 2006, support Brazil for the plurality of play.

*which often could combine aspects of mimicry and vertigo ;).

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