Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Xbox 360 coming to Brazil

"[Bill Gates] discusses Xbox 360, noting that they're "driving things to a whole new level" - and is adding 8 new countries to the Xbox 360 distribution, including South Africa, India, Brazil, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia." (from Gamasutra)

Interesting. It's a bold (probably risky) decision from Microsoft to include this country on their list. I am curious about the price. An import costs from U$ 950 to 1400 (!), so it shouldn't be difficult to make it cheaper than that and attract more buyers. Let's hope it works out - that could help to improve the local games industry.

And who knows? I might be playing this, one of these days:

PS: Since the subject is already Brazil-related, why not check out an interview with me at the Brazilian newspaper Jornal do Brasil website?

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