Tuesday, June 20, 2006

20/6 Update - The English case

3 out of 4, 1 identical score.

Curiously, all the predictions regarding the English team were quite accurate: 3/3 correct outcomes and 2/3 identical scores. Coincidence, or good feedback from EGC?
EA FIFA's prediction:Actual match result:
Ecuador 0 x 1 GermanyEcuador 0 x 3 Germany
Costa Rica 2 x 1 PolandCosta Rica 1 x 2 Poland
Sweden 2 x 2 EnglandSweden 2 x 2 England
Paraguay 2 x 1 Trinidad & TobagoParaguay 2 x 0 Trinidad & Tobago


Anonymous said...

(when) will you start to post these results a day in advance, so that we know them before the actual game takes place?

chico queiroz said...

Good point. The full table is here. It used to be visible on the main page, but it was sent to the archive after 10 posts... thanks for the reminder!

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