Tuesday, June 13, 2006

FIFA Watch: Monday

Not so good: One right predition out of three. Just like plain guessing. On the other hand, their appointed champion, Czech Republic, played like they could actually win this tournament.

Note: I might stop updating the blog till next Monday. This is not really going anywhere, anyway.

EA FIFA's prediction:Actual match result:
Italy 2 x 2 GhanaItaly 2 x 0 Ghana
USA 2 x 2 CzechUSA 0 x 3 Czech
Australia 2 x 1 JapanAustralia 3 x 1 Japan


Chris said...

Please don't stop posting your World Cup results! I'm enjoying your coverage more than any of the news services. :) I usually don't get interested in the World Cup until after the Group Stages, so you're allowing me to follow the early results.

But if you're worried about being taken over by the World Cup you could always post the results round ups less frequently, I suppose.

Best wishes!

chico queiroz said...

That's exactly the concern here: the feeling of being transformed into a sports weblog. I will try to balance it with other posts (like yesterday's interview).

Anyway, I'm glad someone has been following my coverage. Thanks for choosing Nongames as your World Cup news service ;)

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