Monday, June 19, 2006

FIFA update (17-8/06)

The worst EA´s FIFA performance so far: only one out of six. The second round ends today. Let´s see how it goes...

EA FIFA's prediction:Actual match result:
Portugal 1 x 2 IranPortugal 2 x 0 Iran
Czech 2 x 0 Ghana
Czech 0 x 2 Ghana
Italy 2 x 3 USAItaly 1 x 1 USA
Japan 1 x 1 Croatia
Japan 0 x 0 Croatia
Brazil 1 x 1 AustraliaBrazil 2 x 0 Australia
France 3 x 0 KoreaFrance 1 x 1 Korea


Chris said...

I thought of you and the predictions as I watched Ghana completely outperform Czech republic on Saturday. :)

chico queiroz said...

It sounds like everyone is supporting whichever teams were not picked up by EA Sports... ;)

Interestingly, I´ve noticed that many visitors end up on this website after seaching for specific matches results predictions on Google. No matter their performance, EA marketing sort of works! Every four years, licensing must pay out.

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