Wednesday, June 14, 2006

FIFA x EA Update (14/6)

Again, two out of three.
EA FIFA's prediction:Actual match result:
Spain 1 x 1 UkraineSpain 4 x 0 Ukraine
Tunisia 1 x 1 SaudiaTunisia 2 x 2 Saudia
Germany 2 X 1 PolandGermany 1 X 0 Poland


Patrick Dugan said...

I'm noticing a lot of predicted ties. I wonder if theres some sort of overly strong negative feedback loop in the EA simulator thats baising these predictions.

chico queiroz said...

You might have a point. I could´t help noticing a high number of 2x2´s... But then, that´s a much more likely result than the amazing 6x0 Argentina has achieved.

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