Thursday, November 16, 2006

Non-games and Toyplay: Preliminary list - Part IV

Just a quick update, suggested by a work colleague who really enjoyed the game in question:

  • Sim Tower

    Curiously released by Maxis under the `Sim` series (not the Sims series, mind you), but developed by a Japanese studio.

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

    Patrick said...

    I played that, I paid my little brother five bucks to manually reset the rent on all my places so they'd fill up and I'd get enough capital to finish. RMT right there man. An interface extension to mass modify holdings would've gone a long way.

    Chico Queiroz said...

    [outsourcing] I would have done it for $3.50 :) [/outsourcing]

    Copyright, Chico Queiroz