Friday, November 10, 2006

The U$ 1,400 Xbox 360

I´ve mentioned, some time ago, how much the Wii would cost in Brazil: something equivalent to U$ 1,120.

Now, you might remember me posting about the Xbox 360 coming to Brazil. Here´s a passage from the text:

I am curious about the price. An import costs from U$ 950 to 1400 (!), so it shouldn't be difficult to make it cheaper than that and attract more buyers

Well, according to, Microsoft´s console will cost R$ 2999,00 - equivalent to something like... U$ 1400.

The question is: how much will they charge for the PS3?


Patrick said...

I can see why there's such a potent casual games market in second world countries. USD 20 is USD 20 no matter where you're accesing the website. Do casual game portals have versions for other countries?

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Patrick,

Technically, that would be third world - although 'developing countries' is a more PC term.

You´re right: there´s no import tax over downloaded games. Even so, USD 20 feels way more expensive here than in the US (or any first world country, for that matter). So it´s not like we´re experiencing a casual game boom around here, yet.

Anonymous said...

I've played the Wii at the Nintendo World Store and I think it is great. I'm definitely not getting a Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 or any of these next generation consoles because of Digital Rights Management. I just heard that the Wii's virtual console will not allow you to share games onto another Wii console.

It seems that this next gen systems are so heavily dependent on Internet Connections. Whatever happened to good old fashioned gaming - pure fun?

It seems that to play a Chia Pet, you need to be online. I'm planning to stay last gen instead and play good ol' games on the Gamecube. At least, I'm not bothered by Internet connections.

This post is somehow linked to the pricing points on the next gen consoles. Casual gamers will bring their downloaded games to their friends house, to find out that they were screwed with.

Any nongamers? lapsed? casual gamers feel that the next gen is jipping them? If Nintendo or any game company wants to attract these nongamers, they should at least lessen the DRM on their products.

I may just play the Wii in store demos since I'm disappointed at how Nintendo is approaching their customers and new customers. Give us the right to play games anywhere we want, for free, no Friend Codes or locked out MAC Addresses.

Anyone else see this besides me?

Chico Queiroz said...

Wow - that's a bombastic statement. Thanks a lot for joining in the debate.

I was not aware of such characteristics, and I think its odd that the press (online or not) is not talking about them (or am I missing that also?). You might have touched a point that s still to be heavily discussed in the near future.

My considerations:

Yes, players should be able to play their games wherever they wanted to.

However, I still think Nintendo is doing a good job dealing with new customers. I guess most players will stick to offline, retail games - the kind they can take to friend's houses - and will not be so affected by that limitation - unless you need to actually register your game online, or something like this.

Again, thanks a lot for posting!

André Carita said...

Em portugal adquiri a Xbox 360 por €429 o que equivale a aproximadamente USD 550. Escusado será dizer que a diferença de preços é enorme, mas apesar da Wii ser bem mais barata do que a Xbox360, a PS3 irá ultrapassar em muito o valor da Xbox360!! Para mim um exagero absurdo... enfim, políticas!

Um abraço!

Chico Queiroz said...

Imaginava que Portugal tivesse seus preços alinhados aos dos outros países da Comunidade Européia. Não?

Anonymous said...
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