Monday, November 06, 2006

the soundtrack

Ok, we've discussed the visuals, so here is the music:

You might remember I was thinking of using only percussion. That's the whole track played only once (although it feels like a loop already).

Again, would you like to comment, please? Your help is being very, very useful (in fact, I did replace the stats icon, as suggested by Corvus. It's much better now).


Chris said...

The notes sound okay to me, but I'm not sure about the instrumentation. It sounds like it's being played on tin cans filled with water. Is this the sound you're looking for?

I feel this would sound good played on a marimba (perhaps even expanded into "chords" in that way marimba players do that I as a lesser percussionist - i.e. drummer - never mastered) - I don't suppose you have access to one? ;)

I'm also slightly concerned that if this is looped it will be too repetitive. It might need two phases that can be switched between.

Gotta go before the hotel network phases out again... hope this is useful to you!

(It cut out before I posted - but I waited for it to come back and tried again... chalk it up to mule-headed tenacity... ;)

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Chris! Thanks for the help.

A marimba might be an interesting insturument choice - I will see if I can find a similar sound and try it. As you suggested, the effect I was looking for was something more "tin cans" - something like Tom Waits' custom-made percussion (maybe less noisy).

About the repetitions... I am afraid a second phase would juat reinforce that impression, taking away the "seamless" idea - but I´ll see what I can do.

I´ve also been sugested to try some keyboard sounds. Might do.

Again, thanks a lot for the observations!

Kevin said...

Hello Chico!

Interesting sound. It's very exotic. It fits with the visuals.

Suggestion: maybe you could add (subtle) tracks over this one as a feedback for the player. The more elements there is that the player control, the more the music could be present (seems like you have to plant flowers in the game?) I look at the screen and listen to the music and it feels like it would make a very fun music toy. :)


Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Kevin,

It´s not a bad idea, depending on the loop sizes... maybe I could make 4 tracks like this (adding new layers to each one) and play them according to the player´s progression (how many flower he has)...

I´ll have to check with the programmers, though.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!

Patrick said...

Some harmonic synths on top of that might make for a soothing effect.

Chico Queiroz said...

Hello Patrick thanks for the comments!

I will try to find the right synth sound for this track. And add more tracks. I´ll post new versions, when I have them...

Take care!

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